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About Us


We believe in ethical business as a means to create safe and sustainable jobs, both globally and locally. We love being able to support safe jobs to our partners abroad who grow the beans we use. But our heart is also to create safe jobs locally. Injustice, human trafficking and exploitation are rampant in our world, and we believe that we all have a responsibility to both fight it, and care for those who have been affected by it. We dream to train and equip those who have overcome through our barista training program and partnership with The Intersection. 


Our Mission

Why Ethical Coffee Matters

Your Story Coffee was started with the purpose of bringing high quality, ethically sourced coffee to the Surrey area and beyond. We believe that even down to the smallest purchases (such as a cup of coffee), you should know the source of the items that you are buying. We want you to be able to put a name or a face to the brew you are drinking.

Like many people depend on that morning cup to get going, around 125 million people worldwide depend on coffee for their livelihoods. However, there are around 25 million coffee farmers (who produce 80% of the world’s coffee) that fail to earn a reliable living. By using direct trade coffee we can trace the beans we use back to the farmers who pick them, make sure they are being paid fairly, and showcase the passion, hard work and dedication of the farmers and communities behind each cup that we serve.

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Truly Great Coffee

We want to serve coffee that is not only ethically sourced, but that also has a consistently great taste. You should not have to compromise on either the ethical standards or the flavour of of your coffee. Our goal is to provide you with both - great taste that you can count on, and the ability to know the origins of your brew.

We use coffee from local roasters who go straight to the farmers to source their beans. That way they know where the coffee came from, who it was farmed by, and how those farmers are treated. We know the love that is poured into the production from crop to cup, and we want you to love the coffee you get.

Truly great coffee goes a lot deeper than great microfoam and latte art, because real people are affected by the purchases we make. That said, we hope to offer you great microfoam as well!

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